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Information Security Advisory Council 

The Information Security Advisory Council (ISAC) is a standards, policy and procedures advisory council. The ISAC is composed of a diversified group of academic and administrative technology users approved bi-annually by the President’s Council. 

Monica Trippler, Chair                   Information Security Director

David Robinson                             Academia Representative

Fran Hopkins                                 Student Affairs/Admissions/Registrar

Dwight Davis                                 Business and Finance Representative

Taylor Adams                                Regional Campuses

Richard Inouye                              Office of Research and Graduate Studies

Mike George                                  Risk Management

Steve Funk                                    Information Technology

Blake Rich                                     Information Technology

Allen Hill                                        Information Technology

The Information Security Advisory Council meets at least two times each year and has responsibilities reviews and evaluates University Information Security issues such as:

  • Current practices and the associated risks to the institution; 
  • Actions needed to address risks through appropriate policy and associated guidelines.
  • Identify new processes that are needed (for example security incident management).
  • Implement new Security standards as needed.
  • Function as the Incident Response Review Board
    • Collaborate with Incident Response Teams and Security Director in managing any breach of security.
    • Responsible for determining and disseminating remedies and preventative measures that are developed as a result of responding to and resolving security breaches.


Information Security Partnering Chart