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Report a Security Incident

If you suspect you are a victim of security fraud or you have experienced a security incident, please report it immediately.

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Connecting through the Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides a secure, remote connection to the University network. If you are student, faculty, or staff member of USU, you can install VPN on your personal devices.


Change your Password

To promote security, USU strong passwords are required to meet length and character criteria. It is encouraged to become familiar with the password guidelines and update procedures.


Data Sharing Agreement

A Data Sharing Agreement defines the intended use and management practices when Data Stewards provide data access to others.

Confidentiality Agreement

Employees that are processing, storing, and gathering sensitive data must sign USU’s Confidentiality Agreement.

Risk Assessments

Performing a risk assessment unveils the necessary security precautions for your area or department. Risk Management Services of USU can perform assessments and make recommendations for minimalizing risk probability. 


Information Stewardship

When sensitive data is stored or transmitted as part of the business needs of USU, employees are responsible for maintaining integrity, confidentiality, and availability of the data.


Anti-Virus software is designed to search for and destroy computer viruses. USU recommends a few different Antivirus software programs for your work and personal devices.

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Eduroam is an encrypted wireless network supported and recommended for students, faculty, and staff by USU. Eduroam allows you to roam onto other University networks across the world simply by being registered on the USU eduroam network. 



Remote Access Protocols

Use Remote Desktop Connection to connect to your work computer on campus from your own personal computer off-campus.

Web Application Vulnerability Scanning

As a web developer, you can have your applications scanned for vulnerabilities by the USU Security Team.

Restricted Network Hardware Registration

If you would like to add a piece of hardware to one of the University’s restricted networks, you must complete a request for registration.

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